While everyone seems to know the Cuddle as the place where you can learn how to drive your man wild with pleasure, today We want to take a slightly different approach and teach you everything there is to know on masturbation and giving yourself incredible orgasms.

We’ve also included some detailed illustrations, so you can easily understand what’s going on and how to get the most pleasure possible when masturbating.

Learning how to masturbate is fun and completely natural. The great thing with masturbation is that you are learning about your body. You are finding out what feels good to have touched, caressed and stimulated, and you are learning about what areas of your body are most sensitive. So understanding how your body reaches orgasm by regularly masturbating is going to make it much easier to orgasm with your partner during sex.

Step #1 – Your Anatomy

We know you may want to jump straight to the “How To” section, but please read this section on your anatomy first, it will ultimately help you have much more powerful orgasms every time you masturbate!

anatomy section

The diagram above shows all the important parts of the outside of your vagina.

Clitoral Hood – At the top of the vagina, you can see your clitoral hood. The clitoral hood is the little flap of skin that covers your clitoris. It doesn’t serve much purpose other than to protect your very sensitive clitoris from getting hurt.

Clitoris – Your clitoris is probably the most important part of your body when masturbating with your fingers. It’s that tiny nub of skin full of nerve endings that feels incredible when properly stimulated. As you can see from the diagram, it’s located just underneath your clitoral hood.

Labia Majora & Labia Minora – Your labia majora & minora are the flaps of skin indicated in the diagram that run along the outside of your vagina. As you can see, your labia majora are much larger than your labia minora. The sensitivity of these varies from woman to woman. So you may find them very pleasurable to have stimulated while others don’t get much gratification from them at all.

Urethral Opening – Your urethral opening is where you pee from, so we won’t be paying attention to it when masturbating.

Vagina – Your vagina is the other area of your body, besides your clit that is super sensitive and feels incredible to have stimulated with your fingers or with a dildo/vibrator. And there are multiple ways to do this which I explain (with diagrams) below.

Anus – Your anus also possesses a lot of nerve endings and be quite pleasurable to have stimulated too.

While we’ve already mentioned the clit, urethra and anus, there are are a few other areas to be aware of, as well as two super pleasurable areas, the G Spot & A Spot.

G Spot – The G Spot is located about 2-3 inches (5-7.5 cm) inside the anterior wall of the vagina. However, it won’t feel pleasurable to touch until you are aroused and turned on. So if you go looking for it when you’re not thoroughly aroused, you’re going to have trouble finding it.

A Spot – As you can see from the diagram, the A Spot is located much deeper in the vagina on the anterior wall by the cervix. When stimulated it can lead to very powerful vaginal orgasms. However using your fingers to do this is going to be difficult, so you may need to invest in something like a dildo to do it for you. The A Spot is also called the deep spot, AFE zone or even the “epicenter.

Vagina – The entire length of your vagina is sensitive and feels wonderful to have stimulated, especially your A & G Spots as I mentioned above.

Cervix – Your cervix is very sensitive, and while some women love having their cervix stimulated during masturbation and sex, others find even the slightest pressure on their cervix to be intolerable.

Rectum – Your rectum is the area you encounter after penetrating your anus. How much you enjoy stimulating this area of your body depends on you. My advice is to experiment.

Step #2 – The Set-Up

Masturbation is so much more pleasurable and fun when you are relaxed and comfortable. So a little planning ahead can do wonders. If you are going to masturbate, make sure that you are not going to be disturbed…unless that’s what you want! This usually means that you need to lock your bedroom door so people can’t burst in and disturb you. If you don’t have a lock, then wait until no one else is around.

From talking to people, we have found that a slow and relaxed build up leads to more fulfilling orgasms. So if you have the time, you’ll find that running a bubble bath or having a long and relaxing shower first is a great way to get in the mood.

You may read elsewhere that lighting candles, using incense and playing relaxing/sexy music can all add to the experience. It’s true. But it can often be a hassle preparing all that stuff beforehand. So try to figure out what works best for you and do a little experimentation. You may even find that you don’t need much preparation at all.

Step #3 – The Build Up

Now that you have everything set up and you are sure that you are not going to be disturbed, it’s time to get down to it and start masturbating. If it’s your very first time masturbating, then I recommend that you turn off the lights and get under the covers. Doing this may make it easier to orgasm.

But don’t go straight for your clitoris/vagina just yet!

You may be eager to start masturbating right away, but it’s better to keep building up to it. Start by slowly rubbing yourself from your thighs up to your stomach and over your breasts. Try to listen to your body to find out where feels best to have rubbed and stimulated. Your breasts may feel the most sensitive and pleasurable to touch, or maybe your inner thighs feel best or maybe even your waist does. The key is to experiment and find what works best for you and your body.

Keep doing this for just a minute or 2 before finally lowering one hand towards your crotch. This slow build up is all part of making your orgasm that much more powerful when you do climax.

Step #4 – How To Actually Masturbate

Finally, we get to the actual masturbation part of this masturbation guide! We are going to cover the basic techniques you can use on this page.

Focusing On Your Clit

The simplest way to masturbate is by rubbing your clit with your finger. For many women, this is their preferred way to masturbate and orgasm. There are a number of different ways to rub, massage and stroke your clit, from softly rubbing it with one finger to using all four in a more intense motion to using a pillow or even focusing on the U Spot.

Phenomenal Fingering Techniques

Once you learn how to masturbate by focusing on your clitoris and the outside of your vagina, it’s time to discover the pleasures laying inside by fingering yourself. The basic technique is easy; you just need to slide a lubed finger inside and apply pressure and stimulation where it feels most pleasurable.

Step #5 – Bringing Yourself To Orgasm

When learning how to masturbate, there is a trap that you must avoid. This trap is thinking that you “have to have an orgasm.” This kind of thinking puts pressure on you, which can make it less likely that you will have one. Instead, a better way to approach masturbating is to have no goals. Instead, you should look at it as:

Enjoying the process, regardless of what happens.

With that said, bringing yourself to orgasm is not too difficult. You just need to find the spot, techniques & intensity that you enjoy the most and focusing your attention there while making sure to listen to your body.

Step #6 -Masturbation With Penetration

For some, penetration during masturbation can feel great and take your pleasure to the next level. There are a bunch of ways you can do this.

G Spot Masturbation – You can try penetrating yourself with your fingers to apply pressure to your G Spot. If you find you hand tiring, then you can try using a dildo instead.

A Spot masturbation – If you want to hit your A Spot during masturbation, then you are going to need a dildo. Your A Spot will be too deep to reach comfortably with your fingers.

Step #7 – Masturbation With A Vibrator

Using a vibrator can be super pleasurable. But before you rush out the door and buy one, here are two important pointers to take into account:

1) Vibrators can provide intense stimulation which can be too much for some women (to the point where it’s not pleasurable and is actually a bit painful).
2) Cheap vibrators usually only have one speed which can be annoying if you want a level of stimulation that is slower and more relaxed. If you are serious about great masturbation, then my advice is to go for a vibrator that has variable speeds even if it costs a little more.