As anyone who’s ever had gay sex, thought about gay sex or watched gay sex will know there are endless combinations possible gay sex positions. But where to start? What feels best? How do you gay men have sex?

This guide to the four most accessible – and we reckon most pleasurable – gay sex positions will help get you started.

Before we get stuck into how to stick it in, we’d always condone safer sex and recommend you read our guide to PrEP, and always use condoms when having sex.

First off, Shapes and sizes

What works for you and your partner/s will depend on your shape and size. And for once, we’re not talking about cocks.

If you’re a tall man and the guy you’re having sex with is much shorter, you’ll be able to fuck in positions that a pair of beefy fellas wouldn’t find comfortable.

At the end of the day it’s all about angles, different levels of flexibility and being able to hold or change positions.

Whoever said physics was boring?

Anal sex positions

Most of these gay sex positions are anal sex positions, but there are some non-penetrative sexual positions at the end too.

Top, bottom or versatile?

We’re going to look at gay sex positions from the point of view of a top and a bottom.

If you’re versatile (and we encourage you all to be), lucky you, you can do both. In some gay sex positions the top leads the action, and in some the bottom takes the lead.

So pay attention or you might miss your turn.

Try the gay missionary position first

This gay sex position may sound boring, but it’s not, we promise. It’s one of the easiest positions for a top, and not especially difficult for a bottom.

Before that, though… the foreplay

During gay sex, if you’re engaging in foreplay and sucking his cock while he’s laying down, keep licking, kissing and sucking as you move your mouth down towards his balls.

Then go further, toward his perineum (the bit between his balls and his ass) and then his butthole.

Bottom: if you’re enjoying this, give him a few moans and wriggle your asshole a bit closer to where his tongue is.

If he’s keen, keep eating his ass. Open his ass cheeks and get in there deep with your tongue. If you can, and body shapes and sizes depend on this, lift his ass up a bit.

Grab a pillow and spit

A pillow under the bottom’s butt can help to raise his asshole up for easier access and comfort for both parties.

Start rubbing your cock against his hole. Spit on your cock. Use lube, and condoms if you’re going ahead with penetrative sex.

Seeing eye to eye

The gay missionary position is good for maintaining eye contact and clear communication during anal sex.

You can penetrate your partner slowly and carefully, keeping an eye on the target. You can build up a momentum that you’re both comfortable with. And it’s easy to get back in if you slip out, because you can see everything clearly.

man with blue eyes

Legs in the air

Once you’re both comfortable, try holding his legs back if you’re Top. Or putting them over your shoulders if you want to get really deep.

Bottom: you could also hold your legs back yourself, behind the knees or by your feet if you’re flexible enough!

Now try riding a guy’s cock

If you’re new to getting f**ked, or nervous about taking a big dick, this gay sex position could be good for you, because as a bottom, you’ll have the control.

It’s a good one for gaining confidence when it comes to taking cock – if it starts to hurt, you can slow down, and lower yourself onto him at your own pace.

You need a certain amount of athleticism to be able to ride your man. You want to be going up and down, and slightly back and forth, at the same time. A bit like riding a horse.

If you’re bigger built than your top, or if you’re a bigger guy in general this one can be tricky as gravity is against you. Be careful not to crush the chap under you or he’ll be at risk of losing his erection.

Bending over

If you’re both standing up – and you may well be if you’re f**king in a sauna, sex club, dance floor, kitchen, etc, bending over for a top, or bending someone over, can be a winner.

Whether this is comfortable or not for the bottom will depend on, you guessed it – angles.

Men’s rectums are all different, so your height difference, cock shape and size, and the angle that you’re f**king him in, will all play a part in how successful (pleasurable) this gem of a position will be.

Top: start slow and give him time to get comfortable.

Bottom: telling him you’re going to back onto his cock and thus leading the action / setting the pace can help.

Adjust your stance by sticking your ass up and out more, until you find the most comfortable position.

Tops:  this is a good one if you and your partner like to f**k hard. Hold onto his waist and draw your whole body into him. Or hold onto his shoulders with him bent right over backwards if he enjoys a more upwards thrust.

Doggie style

This one is trickier than it looks because you’ll need to position your ass in a way that makes it easy for your top to penetrate you.

It’s either going to work or it’s not. If you’re top, get behind your man, who should be in front of you on all fours. If your cock lines up nicely with his asshole, you’re winning.

If the angles require some gymnastics or penetration at an awkward angle, it could be painful for you both. Give it a go by all means, but it’s probably worth trying something else.

Bottoms: also note, your knees can get sore, and you can’t see your partner’s face clearly, so it’s harder to see if you’re both enjoying it.

On the side

One of the best, and not just because you can carry on watching Netflix. Bottoms – lay on your side with your ass turned out. It might help to open your ass cheeks up so your top can find your sweet spot.

Top: once you’re in, carefully lay down next to your partner and put your arms around him.

This can be a really intimate position, as you can hold him tight, kissing his neck and face. There’s also the potential to pump away pretty hard. It’s all in the hips!

That’s the basics of anal covered

Of course there are a tonne more complicated positions like the greasy vine sparkler and the unicorn (or something), but do the four we’ve covered well and you’ll be cuming back to them again and again.