Let's move to the next step.

Step #3: G-spot stimulation and squirting

When you feel her drawing you in, insert two fingers and start making your way to the G-spot. It is about two inches inside the outer edges of the vagina; a small spongy spot that will be stimulated.

Here is a pro-tip that I haven’t heard anywhere else. Rather than feeling for when you’re in the right spot or doing the right movement, listen for it. The louder the noise, the closer you are. We also encourage her to vocalise. To fully let go, she will need to be vocal, so let her know that anything is accepted.

Technique: the “come-to-me” movement

Sit to the right of your woman with her legs open. Start making her move back and forth.

Put your index finger as deep as you can and work your way forward, using sound as a guide to know when you get to the right spot. Begin gently and slowly. Let her guide you the whole time, watching her reactions and doing what allows her to open more and feel the arousal.

It is important to help her relax through this process. Tell her how sexy she is and how hearing her moan is turning you on.

Slide two fingers — the middle and the ring finger — around the outside of her asshole area, or slide them inside as things become very well lubricated down there. It is also a great way to get those fingers out of the road.

What if the above doesn’t work?

If you feel safe that you’re doing the right technique, that should cover about 80 to 90 percent of women. But, what about the others?

Well, oftentimes, it is due to them tensing their stomach. They just can’t relax that area. Something you can try is placing your left hand on their stomach to make them aware of the tension. Just encourage them to relax and let go. If they can’t relax, squirting can’t happen.

If you bring their legs up and bend them towards the shoulders, it becomes very hard to tense up. There, try the “come-to-me” motion, and you should be able to help them release. Now, just remember, every woman is different and experiences pleasure differently. Don’t expect her to have a certain way of showing up.

Last but not least, unlike clitoral orgasm, women can often have several G-spot orgasms.It might look like a wave. When she reaches a peak, before you know it, her arousal is going back up and she’s climaxing again.

Now it’s time to take this knowledge and enjoy it. This is a great exercise to start with, as your partner does not feel the pressure to perform. But, once she realizes that she can squirt, it just opens up a whole other world. It is much more likely for her to start experiencing it in intercourse as well. The possibilities are endless.