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Technique #6: Squeeze or massage the base of her clitoris

One part of her clitoris that usually gets little attention is the base, the fold of skin surrounding the clitoris, so massage or squeeze it. Just place your thumb and your index finger on either side of her clitoris, then gently press down and inwards as you’re squeezing the base. Do not squeeze the exposed part of her clitoris, as this will hurt her. Start with gentle pressure and just see how she reacts. Again, keep asking for feedback as you are going deeper toward the base and squeezing it, almost milking it a little bit.

Technique #7: Love her labia

Her labia aren’t nearly as sensitive as her clitoris, but there are many ways that you can enjoy, pleasure, and stimulate them. Slowly rubbing up and down her labia can bring her close to orgasm, but without her climaxing, which makes it great for foreplay. For many women, when they climax from clitoral stimulation the clitoris can become ultra-sensitive and painful if you touch it immediately afterward. So if you want to continue pleasuring her, you want to hold off rubbing the clitoris for a few minutes. This makes her labia the perfect option to focus on until her clitoris calms down and stops being sensitive.

Technique #8: G-spot

Now we are getting to the techniques that are focused on the internal parts of her vagina. If you want to finger her and bring her a lot of pleasure, you need to know about the G-spot. As mentioned in the beginning, the G-spot is a spongy area located about two inches inside a vagina. It is one of the most sensitive spots inside a vagina and it will make her go wild. It takes some time, but if you pleasure her long enough she can experience G-spot orgasm and even squirt. If you want to know more about how to make a woman squirt, check out my two other articles that give you the exact techniques and steps on how to do that.

Technique #9: Add a vibrator

Yes, you heard us right, it is always a good idea to mix things up. The more places you stimulate at once, the faster she will cum. And some women do have the gift of orgasming from their clitoris and their G-spot at the same time! So you can use your fingers in various locations at the same time or even use your fingers while using a vibrator with your partner.

You can use a vibrator on her clitoris while stimulating her G-spot with your fingers. Alternatively, you can switch to use your fingers on her clitoris while you’re penetrating her with the vibrator.

Now, what We suggest is the ORA 3. It is from LELO and is perfect for this. It is like she’s getting oral sex as well as the internal G-spot that you’re stimulating with your finger.

Technique #10: Fingering her from behind

Every girl is different and everyone has a favorite way to be fingered, so you really do want to experiment and be creative. One way to bring variety is to do it from behind. It can bring a new experience because you will stimulate different spots. Just explore her, get her to communicate what she’s feeling, and literally give her something she’s never felt before.

Fingering sex is a beautiful opportunity to bring something different to your bedroom. It’s a really effective way to make her orgasm as you can directly stimulate the areas that make her cum. Remember to use these simple guidelines and make her feel comfortable. Now that you have all the information you need to excel, experiment with the techniques I’ve given you and let me know how you win!