Knowing how to make a girl squirt is going to make you the best lover she has ever been with and you’re going to learn the exact steps to make any girl squirt.

G spot cross section masturating

Before jumping to techniques,We want to quickly cover the groundwork that will make it far easier for you to make her squirt on a regular basis. We are talking about her anatomy and more importantly how to put her in a relaxed state and mood so that she is willing and eager to squirt.

What Is Squirting (Some Confuse It With Peeing!)

Some people confuse squirting with pee, and feeling like she is going to pee makes many women feel uncomfortable. Not only is comfort vital to make a girl squirt, but if she thinks she might pee, your partner might tense her muscles and activity prevent herself from squirting.

Why do women squirt?

Unlike peeing, squirting is an involuntary reaction to G-spot stimulation. So you’ve got to rub her G-spot if you want to make a girl ejaculate. Squirting is often — but not always — a result of G-spot orgasm.  Squirting and pee are similar in that the fluid is ejected from the same place, her urethra. She’ll squirt a small amount of prostatic fluid — sometimes small enough that you won’t notice a difference between squirting and her natural arousal.

For some women, the amount of liquid is much larger, and it includes liquid stored in the bladder.

Her G Spot

Her G Spot is going to be the most important part of her vagina when learning to make your girlfriend squirt. You can see where it’s located in the diagram above, on the front wall of her vagina, often referred to as the anterior wall of her vagina. To be clear, this the side closest to her belly button.

Locating it is the first step to master how to make her squirt. So to find it with your fingers, you will insert one lubed finger inside her vagina, and slide the pad of your finger (where your fingerprint is) along the upper wall. Her G Spot will be between 2-3 inches deep inside.

You’ll know that you have found her G Spot because it will feel similar to a wet raspberry or bunch of grapes to the touch: soft; it’s slightly ribbed/textured with ‘gutters’ on either side.

Important: The G Spot is easier to find when she is aroused. Just like your penis only gets hard when you’re aroused, her G Spot will remain hidden until she is aroused and horny. So if you haven’t followed Step 1 to turn her on by removing the “Brakes” to her sex drive and Step 2 to make her horny by intensifying the “Accelerators” to her sex drive, then she won’t be aroused meaning you won’t be able to find her G Spot.

Her Skene’s Gland

Behind her G Spot is her Skene’s gland, which is sometimes called the female prostate because of its similarity to the male prostate. Some sources simply call the Skene’s glands the same as her G-spot. Her Skene’s gland is located around the walls of the urethra and drains into it. As she gets aroused and horny her Skene’s gland will start to swell and fill up with fluid (this is fluid that she ejaculates when she squirts).

Keep in mind, that if you try to make her squirt without warming her up first without lots of foreplay, then her Skene’s gland isn’t going to have time to swell up and fill with fluid and she is going to struggle to squirt.

To be clear, her Skene’s gland isn’t in her vagina; it’s sandwiched between her G Spot and urethra. Therefore, if you want to stimulate her Skene’s gland, then you will need to stimulate her G Spot, and I’m going to show you a bunch of techniques to do this.