Hey, today is your lucky day because We will show you how to make any female squirt. There are lots of tutorials around, but none of them include my secret sauce. This guide is meant to help you “help” the women that say “it’s just not possible”.

Today’s guide will give you the practical information you need to be the one that will make her squirt. We will explain the basics about squirting, and then We have three steps for the ultimate squirting experience.

So, what is squirting? Squirting is female ejaculation. It often gets confused with pee mainly for two reasons.

  • First, just before the woman squirts it feels as if she wants to go to the toilet. It comes through the same channel; however, it’s from a different gland.
  • Many women get scared that they will pee, so they stop the experience, unaware that they’re on the edge of squirting. Squirting is experienced when a woman is able to relax and let go.
Squirting is female ejaculation.

There is a difference between a clitoral orgasm and a vaginal, G-spot orgasm.

  • Clitoral orgasm is experienced as contraction. You stimulate the clitoris to the point when the whole body contracts into a peak experience.
  • G-spot orgasm is different. It feels like an extension, sinking in and letting go. It is a point of a deep sense of release and complete surrender. Same as with squirting, you can’t push your way into it.
Clitoral orgasm is experienced as contraction. G-spot orgasm is different. It feels like an extension.

This is where you come in. You want to create an experience where your woman is safe enough to completely let go, diving into the pleasure she is feeling. She needs to know that whatever comes out, you are ok with it. In fact it might just turn you on.

Okay, so it’s time for three steps to the ultimate squirting experience.

Step #1: Set the scene

Prepare the space for the experience. It can be any place, but it is important that you won’t be disturbed. If you want to add something extra, put on some nice music or light some candles. The environment needs to be relaxing so your partner can let go. Now, there are a few key points here.


You don’t want her to be worried about making noise. In fact, encourage her to make noise because that’s going to give you the barometer on how you are doing.


The reason it’s good to get the lighting right is, again, you don’t want her to feel self-conscious. You don’t want her to be looking down and seeing stuff coming out that she’ll worry about. So, just use some nice, easy lighting. Soft lights will reduce her stress about you seeing too much and keep her from trying too hard to see what’s happening. Make it fairly dark and pretty mysterious, and let her relax.


Communicate your intention to your partner. Let her know that she can relax and just receive. Explain to her that you are fully there for her and she doesn’t have to be afraid to feel all the sensations, including the sense that she has to pee. You are there for it, and you should be having fun together. Let her know that you expect nothing in return.

Step #2: The build-up

Women take longer to open and get aroused. You want to start with a massage of her whole body to activate every inch of it. Touch her, caress her, and slowly build up the arousal she feels. This is already part of the journey. The more time you devote to these simple build-up steps, the easier it will be to make her squirt when you get to the G-spot.

I need to have her lie on her stomach and pay particular attention to her midsection. Work her upper thighs, bumps, and hips. The idea is to get her to release and relax.

Full body tantric massage

When her whole body is turned on, move to her vulva. There are actually nerve endings on either side of these lips and all throughout. Move across the whole area, and then eventually work into the clitoris. The aim here is to get her whole body ready to receive you. When you eventually do put your hand close to the vaginal opening, she should almost automatically draw you in with her pelvic muscles when she’s ready.