Babe, have you tried fingering sex?

Well if not, now is the time because fingering is the new sex! But, if you think that means just putting a finger inside a woman’s vagina and making some mechanical in-and-out movements, you are all wrong. If you do it this way, many women will most likely not get aroused, be happy, nor experience orgasm. So, today We are going to share with you our 10 tips on how to finger a woman.

Before applying any of my 10 techniques, follow these three stages to great fingering:

  1. First, make sure your fingernails are cut short and smooth. The same goes for rough hands and dry hands; this can just cause irritation. Wash your hands to avoid spreading bacteria which can cause infection. And use lubricant when necessary — the ideal case is to use her natural lubricant, but don’t be afraid to use some extra.
  2. Second, warm up her body. The female body takes a longer time than the male to get aroused, so making the effort to arouse her before even taking her clothes off is important. Get her as wet as you can before you do anything and she will be more open to orgasming later. It just makes it an easier job for you later on.
  3. Lastly, don’t underestimate the power of her vulva. While vagina stimulation can contribute to orgasm, some studies show that most women find that their clitoris is the most sensitive area, and they actually have an easier time orgasming from clitoral stimulation than penetration. Many women have never ever experienced G-spot and cervical orgasms, so be aware of that any time you want to rush into penetrating her. So don’t rush it. The more time you spend caressing the whole vulva, the more arousal she will feel, even in her clitoris. And when she’s aroused, there is definitely space for penetrative techniques, including stimulation of her G-spot.
Women actually have an easier time orgasming from clitoral stimulation than penetration.

Now, our 10 techniques will give you an idea about the movements you can use. Then you can bring more variety, playing with light and hard pressure, or you can change up the speed from fast to slow to medium or a combination of all of the above.

Technique #1: Up-and-down rub

This is a very straightforward technique. Apply an up-and-down motion to her clitoris. Don’t forget to either use natural lubrication or extra lube to make it even more enjoyable. Change the speed and the pressure and ask her what she likes. Let her tell you exactly what she wants.

Technique #2: Side-to-side rub

It is the same technique as Technique #1 but with a slightly different movement, this time from side to side. Different motion, different sensation.

Technique #3: Long, slow stroke

This time we will include all of her vulva, straight from the bottom of her vagina all the way up to her clitoris. It is exciting because you are working with a larger area that creates all sorts of sensations.

Technique #4: Four fingers of fun

If your partner needs more stimulation to orgasm, then, four fingers of funshould do it. All you will be doing is rubbing four fingers over her clitoris, labia, and vagina in a circular motion. Again, different motions create a variety of exciting sensations.

Technique #5: U-spot

There is more to the clitoris than what you see on the surface. Do you remember the vestibular bulb, the erectile tissue that sits on both sides of her vagina? Well, this is a way to activate that area. It is a secret spot not many know about, yet it can make her go crazy from the number of sensations she will feel. It is the area just above her urethra and to both sides of the vagina.

This movement goes from the clitoris down one side, then back up on the other side, and repeat. It looks like a U-shape when she looks down.