NOTE: Many of these phrases work best when sent as messages.

  1. I feel so small when you wrap your arms around me…I miss this so much.
  2. Sometimes my legs get weak when you kiss me.
  3. Just thinking about you makes me so dam wet!
  4. I miss your cock.
  5. If we could only have sex in one position for the rest of our lives, what would it be?
  6. I masturbated about you last night.
  7. Still feeling sore after last night 🙂
  8. I think you’re the only guy who can make me angry and horny at the same time.
  9. The hottest thing about last night was feeling you shoot your load inside me.
  10. I can still taste you.
  11. I want to be your lady on the streets and your freak between the sheets.
  12. I never thought I would meet someone that gets me so god dam aroused.
  13. I’m supposed to working, but all I can think about is you dominating me.