Why am I always horny?

‍There are many aspects that play into getting horny or turned on. Even the experts don’t understand exactly what makes us feel horny. Oftentimes, things that contribute to a lower sex drive in one person can make another person feel especially horny. Here are some factors that are at play when it comes to sex drive: ‍


It’s no surprise that hormones play an important role in people’s sex drives. That’s why you’ve probably experienced such fluctuations in your sex drive as a teenager. The hormone most closely tied with horniness is testosterone — something people of all genders and sexes have. In general, people with higher levels of testosterone will get horny more often.

While not providing clarity on any specific link between testosterone levels and high sexual desire, the literature suggests that without healthy levels of testosterone high sexual desire is less likely.

However, testosterone isn’t the only hormone that influences horniness. In particular, people with a menstrual cycle might notice that their horniness fluctuates throughout their cycle, and that that they’re always horny around the time they ovulate.

Emotional influences‍

Of course, not all sexual desire can be attributed to hormones. Social and emotional factors can have an even stronger effect than biological factors. Intense emotions, such as passion, the excitement of achieving a goal, anxiety or fear will strongly influence sexual desire dominating any other factor. These emotions can leave us feeling great about ourselves or craving connection, he explains, both of which can lead to increased horniness.

That’s why you might feel especially horny in a new relationship, after a big win at work, and when you’re feeling especially proud of yourself.

Social influences‍

If your peers have a more positive view of sexuality, it can contribute to you always feeling horny. Peer pressure may encourage and inflame sexual feelings and sexual desire when it is both permissive and encouraging.

For example, people living in a college dorm, where many people are thinking about, talking about and having sex, might feel like they are always turned on. Similarly, people in subcultures that embrace sexuality, like the BDSM or swinging communities, might experience the increased drive, Aaron says, although there aren’t specific numbers available to prove that.

An attitude of encouragement, the agreement that the activity is a good and valuable one and permission about the group’s activity of focus can result in increased interest and over time, an increased level of desire for the group’s sexual activities.