Now that we’ve covered how to talk dirty for maximum impact let’s learn some dirty talking examples that will blow your man away.

  1. There is something so damn hot when you pin me down by my wrists.
  2. Hearing you groan, moan and shout when you cum is so fucking satisfying.
  3. Make me cum with your tongue.
  4. Tonight is all about me, so get down on your knees and put that tongue of yours to work.
  5. Feeling your seed drip down my leg was the perfect reminder of this morning.
  6. I’m going to need your services tonight, boy.
  7. Fuck me harder.
  8. I’ve never been fucked like that before.
  9. Did you take a course on how to make me cum?
  10. Tonight is all about making you cry with pleasure.
  11. I dreamt about you last night and woke up dripping wet, which was nice.
  12. I love when you’re rough with me.
  13. I’ve been a bad girl and deserve a spanking.
  14. Take your clothes off and get on your hands and knees. Right now!
  15. I wore this for you.
  16. Making you hard is my number one priority.
  17. I love seeing your bulge in your pants.
  18. I absolutely adore feeling you on top of me.
  19. I love holding your cock and feeling it get hard in my hands.
  20. I want you to handcuff me and fuck me any way you’d like.
  21. Do you like the fact that I think about you when I’m masturbating.
  22. Tonight I want to watch you jerk yourself off.
  23. I keep fantasizing about you grabbing me and having your way with me.
  24. I don’t want to be forward, but I need you now.
  25. Tonight you have a choice, anal or oral? Choose wisely.
  26. Just feeling your eyes on me makes me so wet.
  27. Take me right here.
  28. The plan for tonight is to be your personal sex doll.
  29. You bring out this animal in me, I love it!
  30. I want you to scream my name when you cum.
  31. Give me every last drop.
  32. Hearing you moan with pleasure turns me on so much.
  33. Make me your bitch!
  34. Punish me!
  35. Your cock belongs to me.
  36. Fuck my cunt!
  37. Suck my breasts.
  38. Tell me when you’re close.
  39. Slap my ass.
  40. Make me feel helpless.
  41. This pussy is yours, whenever you want it.
  42. You’re going to pass out with pleasure.
  43. Shut the fuck up and take your clothes off.
  44. I don’t normally do this, but you bring out this craziness in me.
  45. Bite me and mark me as yours.
  46. I want to feel your hands all over my body.
  47. Bend me over and spank me, I’ve been a really naughty girl.
  48. Pull my hair and treat me like an animal.
  49. I keep thinking about the first time you fucked me; it makes me so insanely horny.
  50. I want to feel you kiss my entire body.
  51. Is it weird that I just want you to use me tonight?
  52. Sex with you is like a drug, and I think I may be addicted.
  53. I want to feel your cock twitch inside me.
  54. Make me your bitch.
  55. Don’t ever stop fucking me.
  56. I want you to tie me up and have your way with me.
  57. Jesus-fucking-Christ you’re going to make me cum.
  58. I feel so small in your arms.
  59. I don’t think I could ever get bored of having sex with you.
  60. I love how your dick feels in my hands!
  61. There’s a few things that I really like about you; I hope you never stop doing them. – Perfect for keeping him thinking about you.
  62. I’ve got something I want to try on you later….I think you’ll like it!
  63. I wish we could just fuck forever.
  64. Dominate me like the slut I am!

These dirty talking examples will massively spice up your sex life and relationship.