11. Switch Locations

Changing the location of where you have sex is probably the easiest thing you can do while figuring out how to please your man. There are so many easy to think of sex locations that are worth trying at least once.

  • In the shower
  • Elsewhere around the house
  • On a beach
  • In the woods
  • A place where you might get caught

WARNING: Make sure when choosing a sex location that you are not breaking any laws.

You don’t need to do everything on this list each time you have sex to please your man, but making an effort to find out more about his sexual preferences and bring him more pleasure will have a big payoff – and hopefully, he’ll return the favor!

12. Stimulate His Prostate

Another sensitive spot on a man’s body that is sometimes overlooked is his prostate. You might be aware of the prostate as an organ that gives great pleasure, so it only makes sense to play with his prostate if you want to satisfy him sexually. You may also know that you can access his prostate through his anus. This is actually one reason why so many men (and their partners) are hesitant to try prostate play.

But did you know you can stimulate his prostate through his perineum, the area between his balls and anus (sometimes called the “taint”)? Perhaps you’d be interested to know that prostate play gives some men a different type of orgasm or even allows them to become multiply orgasmic

Those are some pretty strong reasons to try prostate play today! You can stimulate his prostate during a handjob oral sex, and some sex positions.

13. Tell Him When – and Where to Cum

Do you want to know a little secret? You can control when your guy cums. Many guys try to last longer because they think you want sex to last longer, but that’s not always the case. Sometimes you want sex to end, or maybe you just think it would be hot if he ejaculated into (or on you) right now.

So what can you do? Easy. Just tell him you want him to cum. Hearing those words will send most men over the edge.

And if you want to take it one step further, let him know where you want him to cum, whether that be inside you (vagina, ass, or mouth), or on your body (stomach, face, breasts, etc.).

Commanding him like this works well if you’re role-playing, and chances are you’ll feel pretty powerful doing so.

14. Increase Intensity During His Orgasm

As your man is cumming, try this: scratch him or dig your nails in. You could also bite, spank, or pinch him. The juxtaposition between a bit if pain and pleasure can be delightful.

However, this all depends on your man’s tolerance for pain. Doing this might not satisfying him sexually if he absolutely cannot stand or doesn’t like pain. Your best bet is to talk to him before you try anything like this!

15. Play With His Cum

While this might sound a little bizarre, it’s helpful to remember that you can continue to sexually satisfy him after he’s come. You can massage yourself with him cum, or you might lick it up.

The sight will definitely be hot, and might even encourage him to get hard and go again!

If you do this, he might just think you’re a freak in bed – in a good way!

..But Don’t Do This

So far you’ve learned how to satisfy a guy sexually,  and there a lot of things you want to do to sexually satisfy a guy. However, there are definitely some things you don’t want to do.

First, don’t overdo it with the moaning and screaming. Make sounds naturally to express your pleasure, but there’s no need to fake it.

Speaking of faking it, don’t fake your orgasms. You’re only training your man to do what you don’t like.

Next, don’t bring up your exes – even to compare him to them favorably. You might think it’s a compliment, but many guys don’t want to hear about his partner’s old lovers when he’s in the sack.

My last suggestion is controversial…don’t tell him his penis is the biggest you’ve ever had, especially if he’s average. Men are very aware of their size and already know if big or small. If you say something this like to him, it won’t please him. It will just sound patronizing and dishonest. Instead, try complimenting his skills and commenting on your compatibility and relationship.

Of course, if he is packing a monster, feel free to compliment him.