6. Try New Sex Positions

So giving a great blowjob is obviously important for pleasing your man in bed. But something that most guys consider more important than getting head from their girl is having great sex. The easiest way to improve your sexual abilities is to learn some great sex positions that feel fabulous for your man.

But here’s the thing about finding and learning good sex positions to please your boyfriend with…

Different guys like different positions.

You may find that your man loves being on top and in control when you are having sex. Or maybe you’ll find that he prefers having doggy style sex or that he loves it when you are on top of him. The quickest way to find out what sex positions please your man the most is to ask him. But this is not always the sexiest or fun thing to do. A much more fun way to find out which positions he likes is to just try them and see which ones please him the best.

7. Keep It Varied

Variation is not exactly the most specific sex tip or technique that you can use on your man. But without variety, your man can get bored of sex. The desire for novelty is one of the most common sexual fantasies. Animals, including humans, experience renewed sexual behavior in response to sexual novelty.

Variation means that you need to constantly try new things with your man.


It doesn’t mean that you should totally forget about what already works well for pleasing him. Keep doing what works well, obviously.

Instead, it means that you should be trying new and different positions, techniques and things with your man while still using the tried and trusted stuff.

Sometimes these new things that you try won’t work at all, but in the process, you’ll find things that work incredibly well and are incredibly pleasing to your man.

8. Talk Dirty

If you have never tried talking dirty to your man before, then you are missing out! Practically all men like it when their girl talks dirty to them.

But don’t be fooled into thinking that talking dirty requires you to be overly sexual.

A lot of dirty talk is very subtle and even sounds a little subdued. A lot of them are not that ‘out there’ but still will turn your man on.

The really cool thing about talking dirty to your man is that it helps to create a little world between the 2 of you. It can sort of be like your own secret language that others have no idea about. One aspect that few people first realize when learning how to talk dirty to please their man is that it’s not just good for turning your man on.

It’s also great for building sexual tension, for keeping your man thinking about you and for teasing him as well as the simple fact that it makes your relationship more fun and exciting.

Quick note: If you just came here looking for my famous tutorial video on how to talk dirty to your man to build sexual tension, turn him on and keep him thinking about you.

Whether you choose to utter sweet nothings or getting a little nastier, consider the tone of your voice. You probably want to talk a little softer and slower than usual but not so much that you sound ridiculous. Furthermore, while you can yell and moan out loud, sometimes it has a bigger impact to whisper something into your man’s ear during sex. This is perfect for letting him know how good something feels, that you love him, or even just to say his name.

Whispering means you have to get closer so he can hear you, and it’s super intimate.

9. Ask Him to Play With Your Booty

Imagine this: you’re having sex, and it’s great. You don’t want it to stop. You only want more pleasure and intensity. What do you do?

You tell your guy:

“Finger my ass.”

What does he do?

He agrees because he’s also crazy turned on, and it’s the hottest thing you could say, especially if you’re not typically into anal play and he’s expressed interest in it before. This might sound like it’s more about pleasing you than satisfying your man, but many men want to explore anal pay but never get to.

If you find that you like it, you can proceed to anal sex, too.

10. Roleplay

Roleplaying is great for exploring the fantasies that you and your man have. It’s as simple as that. Most people have a lot of different fantasies that range from the stereotypical ones like schoolgirl/headmaster or dominant/submissive, while others are not something that everybody knows about.

It’s okay and normal if not every scenario feels right.

The single best way to get your man to open up about his fantasies is to first tell him some of yours. Once he knows that you are comfortable with different fantasies, then he will be 10 times more likely to tell you his. As you act out each other’s fantasies, you’ll both become more and more comfortable with expressing each other’s more ‘out there’ fantasies. You can talk about fantasies before acting them out to discover your limits.

When talking about roleplaying and each other’s fantasies, it’s important to be both open & non-judgemental to whatever his fantasies are, even if they are things that you don’t necessarily want to try.