6. Stop comparing yourself to others

People come in all shapes and sizes. One person is beautiful in one way, and the next person in some other way. And isn’t that how it should be? Imagine how boring it would be if there were only one way to be, and to feel, beautiful. Comparing yourself to others can leave you feeling like you don’t look the way you should, but you’re not supposed to look like someone else; you’re supposed to look like you.

7. Cut out negative self-talk

Treat your body with the same kindness you’d treat a friend. And if whatever you’re about to say about your body is something you’d feel bad saying about a friend’s body, then don’t say it! Negative self-talk only digs us deeper into body negative patterns of thinking. You don’t deserve verbal abuse from anybody, especially from yourself.

8. Absorb body positive messages

Because, as we said, the world is full of negative messages about bodies, balance that negative noise out with some good, positive perspectives. There is a lot of great literature out there about body image, and many readers have found them to be a huge help in their journeys.

9. Do something nice for your body

When’s the last time you gave your body a gift just to say, hey, thanks for sticking with me? Carve out some time to go lay in the grass, or take a bubble bath, or a walk up the hill to a pretty view. A good nap can be a gift too.

10. Focus on your whole person

Don’t forget: you are so much more than how you look! A key piece of having a healthy body image is to stop fixating on your body. Try to spend more time thinking about things other than physical appearance. Go throw yourself into your passions. Pick up a new hobby. Catch a movie with a friend. Make something. Your body isn’t just a decoration for looking at; it’s for doing. So, get out there and get doing.